Benefits Enrollment & Administration

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Simplified Enrollment and Administration

Whether your HR team is working on enrolling a new employee or managing your annual open enrollment, benefit administration has never been easier. VensureHR gives you the ability to outsource tasks related to establishing, maintaining, and managing your organization’s benefits package(s). From personalized, professional support to administering the entire process, our team is available to help your business from plan selection to annual renewals.

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Unique Plans and Coverage Options

Today’s industries require unique plans and coverage options to keep up with federal, state, and local requirements.

Vfficient from VensureHR

A single, streamlined platform that helps your business manage everything from benefits and employee onboarding to billing and payroll processing.

Beyond Healthcare

VensureHR has done the legwork to help your organization obtain employee benefits beyond standard healthcare, vision, and dental.

Sensitive Information

Accurate management of sensitive employee HIPPA information.

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