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Cross-Border Benefits

Provide Coverage for Your Loved Ones, Across All Borders

Cross-Border Benefits is a VensureHR provided program that offers US based employees a secure way to transfer funds and pay for healthcare benefits with family members or friends in Mexico. Without compromising the integrity of healthcare services provided, Cross-Border Benefits creates an affordable alternative to healthcare services across the US-Mexico border for individuals and families.

Cross-Border Benefits Advantages

  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Simple Processes
  • Reduced Rates
  • Immediate and Secure Transfers
  • Reliable, Safe Transactions

Cross-Border Benefits provides a comprehensive network of healthcare providers and services that allow employees to assist their loved ones residing abroad. For just a few dollars each pay period, employees are able to pay for their healthcare benefits with family members and friends. For a minimal fee, employees are able to provide immediate health benefit coverage to their families.

Program Benefits

VensureHR’s Cross-Border Benefits provides expansive coverage for individuals and families, which includes no denial of preexisting conditions, no cap on funds, and no requirements for dependents and beneficiaries.

  • Preventative and Emergency Care (Individual and Family)
  • Family Coverage
  • Minor Health
  • Major Health (Requires medical underwriting for proof of insurability.)

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