Form and Task Name Description

You may have just received a form fill notification in your inbox or a task assignment in SFDC and now you’re wondering, “What does this name even mean?”  Let us explain. 

The name is a series of “sections” separated by underscores with each section giving you a bit of information about the form. The order of these sections is always the same, and goes like this. 

DP – Division Partner

Stage – the point in the marketing funnel where this action occurred. Note that you may see “Client” here, which indicates a current client, or “Referral Partner” which indicates an effort to attract referral partners.

Service – the product or service that the action is related to. Note that just because it may say “HR” doesn’t mean it cannot be a PEO opportunity, only that the form the lead interacted with is regarding HR specifically. 

Theme – this tells you what the form was for.  Examples include an HR Diagnostic, or a Remote Onboarding Checklist.  You may also see “PPC” here, which indicates it is a paid search lead.


We hope this helps, but if not please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Vensure digital marketing team for further clarification! 

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