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2022 Nurture For NEW Prospects

Salesforce Campaign Name


This campaign is built to provide value to prospects that have entered our Salesforce database but have not asked for a meeting. We will be sending emails that provide value and information on VensureHR over the first 90 days that they are in Salesforce. They will be removed after an opportunity is opened or marked as “SDR – DO NOT CALL”.

Emails will be sent from information@vensure.com or from the Contact Owner’s email.

There a no special offers for this campaign.

Emails associated to this campaign are linked below. 

Landing pages and collateral linked from these samples will show as Vensure related. However, the emails sent to DP Contacts will deliver materials branded for that DP and direct them to that DPs website.

2022 Activity Level New Contact Criteria

Division Partners: All 
Created Date: Last 90 Days

Open Opportunities: No
SDR Do Not Call: Null

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