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23 Jul

Technology Trends and the Future of HR

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Technology is improving at a rapid pace, even for businesses. In 2018, HR saw the rise of wellness-focused applications, an increase in platforms migrating to the cloud, and data leaning more toward helping business owners understand how dollars have a direct impact to business goals through people analytics. Businesses started to experience even smarter and more integrated applications that aimed to help users make even better decisions.


More technology is being developed to further assist employers in better managing their employees by improving retention rates and integrating unique solutions that support employee wellness, growth, and optimal work environment.


Early 2019 introduced a business savvy virtual reality experience that allowed employers to introduce employees to real-world scenarios through simulations, without any real-world risk. Consider your risk management and workers’ compensation training where employees are able to assess a real-life scenario in a simulated setting. The basis of this type of learning or training is that these real-world tasks can be combined with a virtual demonstration. Employees gain hands-on experience, which can directly translate into their day-to-day life.


More businesses were integrating programs to aid in continuous learning and development through on-the-job programs. These educational opportunities, however, may be more centered on soft skills, including good communication, sales negotiation, and time management. Primarily focused on employees on-the-job skills, organizations have adopted more interactive learning and development programs to help management understand which employees are committed to growing their career with their current company, where other employees can improve, and which employees need more than a helping hand in their role.


Recruiting has also seen its fair share of technology advancements. Talent acquisition, for example, is now focused on wowing the applicants through a totally immersive recruiting experience. This means asking your HR team to blend traditional onboarding practices with virtual aspects. From video sharing interviews to recorded answers to interview questions, the entire recruiting process is being transformed to one that is digital.


There is more to technology than a mediocre app or single-use platform. Today, employers are looking for increased efficiency, user-friendly applications, and software or tools that can grow at the same rate as the business. For many businesses, their focus is on upgrading their existing human capital management or human resources system.


Vensure’s Vfficient cloud-based, client-centered solution is designed to manage payroll, human resources, and benefits administration from a single, intuitive platform. Contact Vensure to learn how you can eliminate more than one of your existing systems while allowing users to manage business-critical tasks quickly and easily through our streamlined anytime, anywhere portal access.


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