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04 Jan

Removing Unconscious Bias: Employing Diverse Hiring Practices

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While people would prefer to say they are free of bias, that is just not the case. Our minds have a way of unconsciously interpreting information, which directly affects personal, and business decisions. Coupled with social media, hiring managers now have the ability to make hiring decisions based on personal factors, of which many are not job-related.

Our tips below will help your company in hiring without bias, to create a more diverse and experience-based candidate pool.

Assess the Current Process
Auditing your company’s existing hiring process will give you a better idea of what changes are immediate and what changes you can implement over time. Enlist your HR team not only understand potential bottlenecks or discrepancies in the process but to analyze the diversity hiring data. Where are the gaps? What could be done differently?

Autonomize Resumes or Applications
Encourage your HR team or recruiters to redact certain candidate details by removing names, email addresses, graduation dates, and photos from resumes, applications, or submission profiles. Blind recruiting, or removing the identification details from the process, allows for the recruiters and hiring managers to focus on the candidate’s professional aspects that they will bring to the existing employee base. Creating a fair hiring practice will yield a more diverse pool of candidates.

Test Job Descriptions
Write job descriptions that appeal to a wide variety of candidates. Create a balanced description that speaks to both genders equally by using words and phrases that are positively charged, and use potentially gender-dominant words appropriately. The language used in job descriptions could inadvertently turn away diverse candidates before you get a chance to review their professional credentials.

Unique Talent
Learning how to recognize a candidate’s unique professional talents or experience is a far stronger indicator of success than a more traditional candidate who attended one of the nation’s top universities. Identify the qualities of a top-ranking candidate and use these to rank them in the talent pool. For example, a candidate who exemplifies grit, humility, integrity, and determination will far outshine someone who is relying solely on their elite work history.

Making necessary adjustments to the company’s existing process and evaluating techniques to aid in a more diverse recruiting and hiring process will lend itself to a more diverse culture. These types of changes serve as a beacon to current employees, letting them know that diversity and inclusion is taken seriously and will have a positive effect on employee morale and culture.

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