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30 Nov

CA Staffing Firm Wage Reporting Bill Announcement

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CA Governor Signs Staffing Temporary Labor Wage Reporting Bill

Re: Staffing Firm Wage Reporting Bill Announcement

Dear Valued Client,

On September 30, 2012, CA Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 1744 (Wage Statements and Employment Notices for Employees of Temporary Labor Providers). As a new law, this bill affects all employers with existing operations in California.

The law, as currently presented, requires staffing firms to include additional information on each employee’s pay stub, in particular, the pay rates for each temporary job and the total number of hours worked for each location. This information must be included on the pay stub for each temporary assignment.

Originally, the intention was to have staffing firms also include the names, telephone numbers, and addresses (physical and mailing) of the clients’ main offices on all employee pay stubs. However, after successful lobbying by California Staffing Professionals and ASA, these changes are no longer required as such, but can be included in several different ways by the staffing firm. The client’s name and address can be provided in a separate notice within seven days of the taking of the assignment, in a wage statement, or as part of the Wage Theft Protection Act notification. However, none of these changes apply to companies in the security service industry.

Branded as a simple requirement regarding pay stub information for temporary labor employers, the changes necessitated by Assembly Bill 1744 are going to compel modifications to existing pay stubs. Therefore, the provisions required by this bill do not take effect until July 1, 2013, giving temporary labor employer providers sufficient time to meet these requirements.

Vensure is planning ahead so that your company is ready in time to meet these requirements. Therefore, we have begun securing the capability to comply with the specific modifications required by the signing of Assembly Bill 1744. All services will continue as usual up to, during, and after the time that this bill goes into effect.

Vensure is committed to the highest quality of service, ensuring your company’s compliance and success. We appreciate your business!

Vensure Employer Services


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