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24 Dec

5 Ways to Bring Fun to the Workplace

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When employees enjoy going to work, their productivity increases. Does a fun and pleasant work environment encourage better work habits? Most business managers will answer with a resounding yes! The employer’s challenge is to provide some fun activities at the office without sacrificing the quality of work. The smart business manager will include some activities in the daily work plan that allow for employees to develop good working relationships while putting smiles on their faces. There is a direct relationship between productivity and profitability, and happy employees are productive. Bosses, managers, and employees can all contribute ideas to make the workplace fun. To help get you started, we have provided some ideas.

Music is a mood enhancer.
You may find employees tapping their toes and feeling content when listening to some of their favorite sounds. Choose a selection of music suggested by your office staff. Don’t be surprised if someone occasionally does a little dance step on their way to the copy machine.

Morning meetings can always benefit from a laugh or two.
Visit online humor sites to find “office” jokes and funny stories that relate to your type of business. A good laugh relaxes everyone and contributes to a profitable meeting.

The age of technology has created many fun apps.
One great app, AutoRap, morphs your words into a fun rap. Get together at lunch with other employees and write a rap song for your office or team. Present it at a morning sales meeting.

Casual Fridays
Casual Friday is a great way for everyone to enjoy the last day of the work week. Comfortable jeans and a nice shirt make finishing up the week’s work fun. Change the style occasionally and have a Hawaiian or beach themed Friday.

Monthly Potluck
Institute a monthly potluck and invite everyone to bring a favorite dish, as well as a copy of the recipe to share with co-workers.


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