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Human Capital - A Vensure Employer Services Company

Full-Service HR solutions tailored just for you.

Gain access to a suite of great benefit options and a team of HR industry experts, all in a customized package designed specifically for your business.

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About Human Capital

In 1997 the founders of Human Capital recognized the need for Michigan-based companies to be able to outsource time-consuming and burdensome administrative tasks. Growing concerns around non-compliance and financial penalties were becoming commonplace for even the most seasoned of business leaders. Today Human Capital has grown, primarily via word-of-mouth, to become the Great Lakes Region’s number one provider of HR and other PEO solutions.


We believe that by removing non-revenue generating responsibilities, you are better able to accelerate your company’s growth, ensure stability, and enhance employee value and loyalty. Strategically positioned across the U.S. to accommodate the needs of our clients from coast to coast, we take pride in providing the same level of service and technology to each of our valued clients.

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