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22 Sep

September 2021: Planning Ahead and Updated Posting Requirements

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Plan Ahead

(This section provides you with an overview of current and upcoming laws that take effect)

Law / RegulationEffective Date
Maryland Amends Flexible Leave Act to Include Bereavement LeaveOctober 1, 2021
Nevada Enacts Kin Care Leave LawOctober 1, 2021
Montana Revises Independent Contractor CertificationsOctober 1, 2021
Connecticut Strengthens Lactation Accommodation RequirementsOctober 1, 2021
Nevada Bans Salary History Inquiries, Requires Pay Range DisclosureOctober 1, 2021
Florida Requires New Hire Reporting of Independent ContractorsOctober 1, 2021
Connecticut Amends Sexual Harassment Prevention Training RequirementsOctober 1, 2021
District of Columbia Family and Medical Leave Act Employee Eligibility Requirements Temporarily AmendedOctober 1, 2021
Maryland Amends Mini-WARN Act RequirementsOctober 1, 2021
Connecticut Amends Equal Pay Law, Requires Pay Range DisclosureOctober 1, 2021
Nevada Bans Use of Noncompete Agreements for Hourly EmployeesOctober 1, 2021
Connecticut Tightens Smoking LawOctober 1, 2021
Connecticut Limits Age Information on Employment ApplicationsOctober 1, 2021
Maryland Implements Whistleblower Awards ProgramOctober 1, 2021
Montana Establishes Child Labor Exemption for Student EmployeesOctober 1, 2021
Washington Amends Quarterly Unemployment Reporting and Penalty ProvisionsOctober 1, 2021
Maryland Permits Employers to File for Peace Orders Against Workplace Acts of ViolenceOctober 1, 2021
Bernalillo County, New Mexico, Earned Paid Time Off Accrual and Use Cap IncreasesOctober 1, 2021
District of Columbia Temporarily Expands Paid Family Leave Qualifying Reasons and DurationOctober 1, 2021
Maine Amends Family and Medical Leave LawOctober 18, 2021
Maine Prohibits Direct Deposit FeesOctober 18, 2021
Maine Amends Emergency Responder Leave LawOctober 18, 2021
Maine Prohibits Discrimination Against Domestic Violence VictimsOctober 18, 2021
Maine Adopts Ban the Box LawOctober 18, 2021
Maine Amends Wage Overpayment LimitationsOctober 18, 2021
Maine Adds Protected Classes, Amends Disability RequirementsOctober 18, 2021

Posting Updates

(This section provides you with an overview of labor law postings for this month. Note: many of these are included in the federal/state labor law poster)

Federal or StateUpdated PostingMandatory or Recommended
FederalFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – Overtime Exemptions, Overtime, Joint Employment.ANTICIPATED
FederalMinimum WageANTICIPATED
FederalFamily Medical Leave ActANTICIPATED
IllinoisYou Have the Right to be Free from Job Discrimination and Sexual HarassmentANTICIPATED
New JerseyWage TheftANTICIPATED
New YorkDiscriminationANTICIPATED
VirginiaMinimum WageANTICIPATED
New YorkFair EmploymentANTICIPATED
ColoradoHealthy Families and Workplaces LawANTICIPATED
New YorkMinimum WageANTICIPATED
FloridaMinimum WageANTICIPATED
Rhode IslandMinimum WageANTICIPATED
Rhode IslandPay EquityANTICIPATED
MaineRegulation of EmploymentANTICIPATED
ColoradoMinimum WageANTICIPATED
September 2021
IndianaMinimum Wage LawMANDATORY
MissouriVictims of Domestic and Sexual Violence Leave Time AllowedMANDATORY
MontanaNo SmokingMANDATORY
GeorgiaWorkers’ Compensation Panel of PhysiciansMANDATORY
NevadaDaily Overtime BulletinMANDATORY
August 2021
MassachusettsWage and Hour LawsMANDATORY
MassachusettsPaid Family and Medical LeaveMANDATORY