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12 Jun

May 2020 Ohio Legal HR Updates

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Wage History Banned

What happened?
Effective July 4, 2020, it will be illegal for employers to request wage history as a part of the job application process in Toledo, Ohio.

What are the details?
Employers with at least 15 employees in the City of Toledo are prohibited from inquiring about, screening, or relying upon salary history of a job applicant when making an employment offer. More specifically: 

  • Employers may not ask for salary history;
  • Screening job applicants based on salary history;
  • The employer may engage in general discussions about salary expectations; and
  • This does not apply to current employees or employees who worked for the employer in the previous five years.

 No violation occurs if applicant voluntarily supplies this information.

What do employers need to do?
Review applications and protocols for hiring staff to ensure no violations occur.

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