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30 Dec

December 2020 Massachusetts HR Legal Updates

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Massachusetts Provides Updates and Forms Regarding Paid Family and Medical Leave

What happened?
The Massachusetts Department of Family and Medical Leave (PFML) has released two forms for use related to the upcoming Paid Family and Medical Leave program.

What are the details?
The department released two documents for employers and employees to use in relation to the upcoming PFML requirement. In addition to further guidance.

The first document released is an updated PFML Workplace poster. Massachusetts employers are required to have this poster in the place of work. This can be found here.

The second document is the certification form that employees and employers must submit to the Department when requesting to use their PFML under the public program. This can be found here.

The department has also posted a new FAQ about the PFML, as well as an employee guide to the PFML. The FAQ can be found here. While the employee guide can be found here.

What do employers need to do?
Massachusetts employers should review the available guidance above if they have any questions about the state ran Paid Family Leave program.