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01 May

April 2020 Connecticut HR Legal Updates

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Essential Workers

What happened?
The governor signed an Executive Order effective April 20, 2020 at 8 p.m. regarding the required use of face masks in the workplace.

What are the details?
All Essential Employers

  • Employees are required to wear a mask or other cloth material that covers their mouth and nose, except when the employee needs to eat or drink. If an employee is in a segregated space, they may remove their masks. All employees must wear the masks upon entry and exit from the workplace, or if they are in any common areas.
  • Employees who have underlying health conditions that could be aggravated due to the use of a mask may choose to not wear a mask. However, medical documentation should be provided to the employer.

Retail Stores

  • Employees shall wear a mask or other cloth material which covers their mouth/nose while the store is open to customers.
  • All customers are required to wear masks while inside the retail facility (except for medical conditions, children under two years of age, or the parent is unable to place a mask safely on an older child).

What do employers need to do?
Essential employers should provide face masks to all employees. If unable to provide face masks, the employer should issue materials and directions per the CDC to create their own masks or compensate staff for money spent on materials to make their own masks.