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Michigan Employment Law Updates

Welcome to our comprehensive resource page for Michigan employment law updates. Here, you will find the latest information on state and federal employment laws for businesses in Michigan.

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Michigan | Wage and Tax Regulations

minimum wage
Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage
(Tipped Employee)
Maximum Tip Credit
state income tax
State Withholding
Wage Rate
Unemployment insurance
Max. Taxable Earning $9,500
Employee DeductionsNone
Employee Tax Rates0.06%-10.3%
New Employer Rate2.70%
Voluntary Contribution PermittedYes

The content of this publication is provided for informational purposes only and does not contain or constitute tax or legal advice. You should not act on this information without seeking tax or legal professional counsel.

Recent Michigan Employment Law Updates

Legal Update

Michigan Right-To-Work Law Repeal Effective on March 30, 2024

Michigan Expands Anti-Discrimination Protections

Michigan Repeals Right-to-Work Law

Michigan Expands Non-Discrimination Law

Michigan Bans Hair Discrimination

Michigan Repeals Right-to-Work Law

March 2023: Michigan Legislature Passes Amendment to Protect LGBTQ Rights

March 2023: Michigan House Passes Bills to Repeal State’s Right-to-Work Law

March 2023: Governor Signs More Workplace Protections for LGBTQ Workers

March 2023: Michigan Lawmakers Seek to Expand Workplace Protections for LGBTQ Workers

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