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The process is simple. Submit business referrals. Each referral earns points after a Business Development Representative successfully meets with the referred company. Collect enough points and cash them out for prizes. Prize tiers increase after every five referrals.

This contest is open to all Vensure employee and is entirely voluntary. Any time spent entering referrals is not to be counted toward regular work hours. Referrals must be submitted no later than September 1, 2019. Points are earned by submitting referrals and only counted when appointments are complete.

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What Our Clients Say

Vensure has helped us document our processes, provide professional services, and ensures we are able to focus on building our business. Additionally, we have taken advantage of their OSHA training for our employees every year. It’s a great perk that ensures our teams remain compliant.

Sandy T, Owner

I was certain we would need to stop servicing a large client due to safety concerns. However, Vensure closely guided us in developing and implementing a safety program that turned this situation around. In the past year, we eliminated a common type of injury at our client site. I'm still in awe of what we accomplished together. I can say, with confidence, we have the best PEO in the nation.

Eli E, CEO

We used other PEOs in the past and had issues that impacted our clients. Since coming to Vensure we finally feel stable, that we are being taken care of, and have good communication and relationships. Vensure has a high standard for customer service, which we now use as a model in our own business.

Tony Z, Vice President