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Vensure Direct Care

Alternative Healthcare Solutions You Will Want to Use

Direct Care: Your Alternative, Affordable Healthcare Solution

More than half Americans delay or avoid obtaining healthcare coverage. Over the years, traditional healthcare insurance plans have increased 20%-40%. The problem many individuals face today include:

Vensure Direct Care offers clients affordable, alternative healthcare options for their employees.

Vensure Direct Care consists of four unique healthcare solutions that can be stand-alone or bundled together for ideal healthcare coverage.

Direct Care’s Four Programs

Virtual Care

Telemedicine services with $0 copay and deductible.

Virtual Select Care

Telemedicine services with dedicated Primary Care Physician and $0 copay and deductible.

Local Care

Partnerships with regional healthcare clinics for urgent minor medical needs.


Medical cost sharing program that helps offset catastrophic medical needs.

Virtual Care: MDLive

A new form of addressing basic healthcare needs virtually, called telehealth or telemedicine, has been developed as a result of the advancement of telecommunication technology. VensureHR offers clients’ employees access to MDLive, a telehealth service that provide 24/7 virtual doctors’ visits. MDLive coverage extends to an employee’s spouse and children and is a cost-effective way to seek care from the comfort of their own home.

MDLive’s doctors are all board-certified and are available anytime via phone, app, or video chat on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Providers can diagnose a number of common medical conditions, prescribe treatment, and send prescriptions to the patient’s local pharmacy quickly and efficiently. There are no limits on utilization, and it eliminates the worries of no copays, deductibles, and health insurance.

Virtual Select Care: Akos

Through Virtual Select Care, VensureHR provides clients and their employees access to a value driven primary care approach. Patients are allowed to choose their own physicians who will manage all of their medical needs virtually. For a fraction of the cost of major medical programs, you can connect with your primary care physician by phone or video 24/7.

For a monthly membership fee, you and your family get unlimited 24/7 virtual access to a provider, unlimited access to a dedicated concierge Primary Care Provider and Care Navigator, and unlimited access to Akos Med-Clinics (located inside Safeway stores) and 24/7 Akos Urgent Care, all for a $0 copay. Additionally, you get access to the online custom member portal that has your unified medical records, as well as free health and wellness coaching.

Local Care

VensureHR offers clients a subscription-based program for affordable, quality healthcare that provides members access to a network of local urgent care and/or local primary care practices along with 24/7 telehealth. While the program is not a replacement for traditional health insurance, Local Care provides services that range from primary to urgent care needs at no charge for a monthly subscription that starts as low as $105. Employers can split the cost with employees 50/50 and this benefit can be paired with Sedera.

Local Care gives employees access to care every day, including holidays, with extended hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is no appointment necessary to receive care and there are no copays, deductibles, or co-insurance for 80% of day-to-day medical needs. All doctors are board-certified and the included telehealth is available 24 hours a day through phone, app, or video chat. Like a national gym membership, you have unlimited access to healthcare at any location.


The medical cost sharing model goes against the traditional health insurance solution using a model where members share a given amount each month and draw from community funds as medical needs arise. Employees and their families access to effective and flexible healthcare affordably without sacrificing quality of care. This way, members save 30%- – 50% of costs that come with health insurance plans.

Sedera cost sharing gives employees access to primary care, specialty care, emergency rooms and hospitalizations, both in- and out-patient surgeries, maternity care, diagnostic imaging and x-rays, as well as in- and out-patient laboratories. The service is alternative to health insurance and is available for sharing to members who sign up and have met their Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA). Sharing medical expenses lowers monthly costs and reduces costs for care, saving members money on reliable, high quality healthcare.

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