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2013 FMLA Federal All-In-One Poster Change

Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute: Poster Change Notice

All-In-One Poster:
Federal English & Federal Spanish

Specific individual state poster that has changed:
Family Medical Leave Act

What is the change?
The Family Medical Leave Act notice has been revised to reflect the changes caused by a recently approved Rule. The definition of “Veteran” has been revised to include both those who serve and those discharged in the past 5 years. Previously it was only those who served. The explicit definition of “Serious Injury or Illness” was removed as well, replaced by a notice that there are differences between the definition of “Serious Injury or Illness” for a service member or veteran, and “Serious Health Condition” under the FMLA.

This is a substantive change. We will ship a new Federal All-In-One poster to any location covered under a current AutoComply subscription. Due to the large number of businesses affected by this change, we will begin shipping the new Federal All-In-One poster by February 18, 2013. If your AutoComply subscription covers Spanish or Bilingual posters, we will be sending an updated Spanish Federal All-In-One poster as well.

Date of the poster change:
February 2013

Please note:
Labor posters are automatically updated and mailed to you through our 3rd party vendor. Should you not receive your updated poster within 30 days of the effective date, please contact your Client Relations Manager for assistance at 480-993-2650.

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