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05 Mar

Improving Productivity with E-Learning

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Productivity is a common issue among employees everywhere. From lack of direction and inadequate training to poor communication and inconsistent processes. Employee productivity is directly linked to the company’s environment. Managers who are aware of the productivity issue will, in many cases, attempt to rectify the issue(s) by stepping up their involvement in feedback and training. In these instances, distance learning or e-learning have become the more popular options for employee training.


Integrating e-learning into employee training can boost productivity in the following ways:


E-learning typically allows for flexible scheduling. This means employees are able to schedule training sessions based on their availability. Employees will no longer have to fret about when they can complete training before or after work, or missing work to complete training assignments. Training can be completed within a reasonable amount of time without adding stress to the employee.


Measurable Progress
E-learning makes it easier to track and report on employee participation, engagement, and this data can provide details as to the employees’ progress and performance. When it comes time for annual or regularly scheduled performance reviews, some of the information as to the employee’s progress and productivity can be pulled from this source.


Employers should also be able to track the return on investment (ROI) of the training when compared to employee performance. Managers should see a boost in productivity and in the area on which the employee(s) received training after the training period has ended. This data will help prove the ROI of the program.


Skills/Knowledge Gap
Much of what slows employees down is the skills or knowledge gap associated with their position. The gap is underlined when new technology or processes are introduced. Employees struggling to pick-up the new technology or implement the new process may show decreased productivity. Providing e-learning on the new technology or process will help employees feel confident in their new skills and allow them to refocus on their primary job duties.



Consider integrating e-learning into your business when it comes to improving employee productivity. The increased knowledge boost your employees’ confidence and reduce the amount of time and energy they spend struggling and stressing over new technologies or processes. Vensure recognizes the importance of employee well-being as a means of retaining top talent and increasing productivity. Connect with Vensure today to learn more about the valuable products and services we can offer to help your business stay productive.




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