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14 May

Tips for Improved Performance Evaluations

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Job performance feedback is something everyone needs, but not something everyone wants. Performance evaluations are an important element of an organization’s commitment to employee development and are a great way to measure productivity and morale, over time.


As the process for performance evaluations evolves, businesses are taking the opportunity to review their policies and methods when it comes to conducting and learning from and discussing employee performance.


“45% of HR leaders do not think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal for employee’s work.” – ClearCompany


Regular evaluations are a great way to promote employee growth, competence, and help develop relationships across the team and departments. Managers can take the time to really dive into an employee’s role, review expectations, and goals, and ensure the employee is set up for success in the coming months/year.


Consider the following tips when preparing to deliver your next performance evaluation to your team:

  • Regularly Scheduled Programming. Evaluations should be conducted at the same time every year for each employee on your team. Try to never skip or move a scheduled review as this can give the employee the feeling that they are not as important as whatever their review was bumped for. Once the evaluation process is over, find a way to monitor and keep track of each employees’ progress in preparation for their next scheduled review.


  • Goal Oriented. Each performance review should include a review of the employee’s previous goals (monthly/quarterly/annually) as a benchmark, a status update on the goal(s), and setting goals for the next period. Companies who have performance processes that set quarterly goals rather than annual goals see a 31% greater return. Encourage employees to review their goals regularly on their own to make sure they are invested in managing their own success.


  • No Surprises. Urge your team to speak to you for encouragement or motivation between review cycles. This is a great way to ensure your team is focused and not “taken by surprise” in their next performance review. Most employees have no idea how much or how little their actions are contributing to the team or the larger business. When done properly, employees should never be surprised about any of the information they hear in a review. Managers should be providing constant, on-the-spot feedback as frequently as they are able. Give employees the opportunity to course correct by immediately letting them know if they are doing something wrong.


Follow established organizational procedures in order to ensure all employees are held to the same standard and understand the expectations around performance evaluations. Successful evaluations are those where the employee understands the results of the conversation and is prepared to achieve the next set of goals discussed with their manager. Vensure Employer Services offers a number of services to help businesses like yours succeed in performance evaluations and retaining top talent. Contact Vensure to learn more.



Forbes: It’s Time to Put Performance Reviews on Notice



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