24 May

HRP Update: Who’s On Your Team

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Who’s On Your Team?

We are excited to announce improvements to your Vensure Team Contact Card, which we will be rolling out over the next several weeks! These improvements include:

Updated Layout
All of the same familiar faces, in a slightly different format.
Who is On Your Team

Easy Access via HRP Web
Viewing your Team Contact Card on HRP Web is simple… just follow these steps:

  • Sign on to HRP Web
  • Go to: Documents >Team Contact Card
  • Click on “Vensure Team Contact Card” to open/view/download
    Who is On Your Team

Any time updates or changes are made to your team members, you will be notified and a new contact card will be saved to your Documents menu for safekeeping!

Keep your eye out for this addition to your access, as well as other document storage options in the near future…

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