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15 Apr

Corporate Sponsored Volunteering: Making a Difference in Your Community

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As companies strive to find new and inventive ways to boost employee morale or strengthen their brand in the community, many times volunteering does not make the list. But it should! Here’s proof:

  • 34 million adults volunteered in 2018.
  • 61% of Millennials who volunteer consider a company’s community commitment when deciding on their next job.
  • Employees most likely to volunteer are those between the ages of 35 and 54.


Employee volunteer programs are an amazing way to take advantage of the unique opportunities to get involved in your local community, all while benefiting the core business and your employees in the long run.


Encourage Teamwork and Build Employee Character
Volunteering has a way of bringing people together. From cooking breakfast for underprivileged children or feeding the homeless, to joining a sewing circle at an elder care facility or cleaning up a community garden. The ways to show your community support and get involved are endless. Working together in these efforts brews camaraderie among teammates, and builds compassion, empathy, and graciousness—character traits of quality employees.


Professional Skills
Volunteer programs are a great way for employees to display their professional skills through the ability to benefit others. Exposing employees to a new environment all while further developing their skills outside of their day-to-day roles and responsibilities. Employees will end their volunteer experience feeling satisfied and fulfilled, reenergized for a new day at the office, and excited for the next volunteer day.


Boost Your Brand
Volunteering programs build brand loyalty and show your commitment and support in the local community. Additionally, spending time in the community helps to improve the company reputation, which can lead to sponsored volunteer events or even grants. Strengthening your company’s community ties can only bring positive results.


To support these initiatives, many companies will add a volunteer-related time off policy to their handbook for just this reason. To encourage community involvement, some organizations will organize a company-wide volunteer day, while others provide a set number of paid hours for each employee to volunteer during work hours each quarter.


Vensure Employer Services offers a number of products and services to help your business stay competitive in the industry by attracting and retaining top talent. We support every business’s efforts to become more engaged with the communities they serve. Learn more about employee manual, policies, procedures, and guideline reviews or assisted development.




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