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05 Nov

Controlling Workers’ Compensation Costs

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When it comes to controlling business costs, there are a number of phases employers go through, such as moving the business to a less expensive building in a more economical part of town or cutting advertising costs.

But two of the overlooked ways to control costs are cutting insurance costs or implementing a safety program to better manage workers’ compensation costs. Taking steps to mitigate workers’ compensation risks and manage claims can be a great opportunity for any business where the safety of their workers is a concern.

Alleviate costs by taking steps to implement any of the following:

Encourage your internal teams to establish a well-planned and detailed new hire onboarding program that reinforces a strong safety culture. Here are some steps that you can integrate into your existing onboarding program that will also help control unnecessary or redundant workers’ compensation claim costs.

Create Good Habits
Starting at the beginning for new employees means taking the time to acclimate them to how your business operates in terms of safety procedures, jobsite dos/don’ts and, potential hazards. Repetition is key for any new employee learning the ropes, but especially for those workers who are jumping into a new role.

Use the Buddy System
Provide each new employee with a veteran employee buddy. The goal of this partnership is to help the new employee get acclimated more quickly to the new environment. The veteran employee will use their time together to discuss safety concerns and identify potential hazards. As these worksites can become overwhelming with the amount of hustle and bustle, it will be important for the new employee to have a partner who is able to help keep an eye out for them and monitor their safety until they are ready to venture out on their own.

Commit to Safety
Encourage managers and team leaders to commit to safety goals and practice what they preach. Setting a good example for employees early means that management must be “all in” on safety. Building a foundation of safety-focused programs with a goal of keeping claim costs low will be key to solidifying each employees’ connection to the organization.


Companies who forgo building a strong culture of safety or are looking to cut organizational costs may be left feeling as if they are uncertain of how to ultimately control their claim costs. Don’t go it alone! Contact us to learn how to effectively control your workers’ compensation costs while building an even stronger safety culture and associated training programs.


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