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02 Jun

Addressing Staffing Needs as Businesses Re-Open

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When the coronavirus (COVID-19) first impacted the world, some businesses shifted to remote work arrangements, whereas other businesses closed their doors and endured employee layoffs. As stay at home orders are lifted, businesses are re-opening their doors and looking to rehire or recruit new employees.

Evaluate Production Projections for Staffing Needs

For businesses that are in industries like healthcare, restaurant and food services, and grocery stores, estimating staffing needs based on production projections might be part of the normal business procedures. However, accounting for the influx or deceleration of business operations, it is critical for businesses to consider loss of productivity due to COVID-19 and adjust their staffing needs. This could require exploration of alternative staffing, such as temporary, temporary-to-hire, independent contracting, and remote work or flex schedule staffing.

Adjust Workflow to Prioritize Mental Health

Employees, especially those in public-facing positions, may experience more adverse effects from COVID-19. As a result, employers should be prepared for an uptick in mental health issues. Management should prepare leaders for mental health-related issues by providing adequate training and resources. Adjusting workflow for employees struggling with bandwidth, considering staffing needs to assist with such coverage, and ensuring mental health remains priority as businesses navigate through recovery from COVID-19. Leaders should also be encouraged to facilitate team conversations to assist employees in processing emotion and strengthening workforce resilience.

Modifying the Hiring Process

Because physical distancing is still encouraged, the hiring process for many businesses may be impacted. One way to modify the hiring process is to shift to virtual interviews. Virtual interviews, while conducted in remote settings, provide the in-person connection between the candidate and interviewer. This connection can offer an inside look at your company’s culture, as well as a more comprehensive look at a candidate’s personality.

Another alternative to the hiring process could be investing in an outsource company, such as Solvo Global, that can present qualified candidates who are capable and equipped to work remote, as well as save you money on training and the hassle of onboarding.

If you’re looking for alternative outsource staffing solutions, VensureHR is partnered with Solvo Global. Solvo Global employees are university educated, bilingual, and under managerial supervision. Clients who have utilized Solvo Global have saved save thousands of dollars annually. Please contact VensureHR for any staffing needs you may have. Our team of HR experts diligently seek customized HR services for your business needs.


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