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Young businesswoman preparing to ship packages from her small business around the world

24 Nov

Global Approach to Small Business

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Small business owners oftentimes face the barrier of going outside of traditional business borders. As a result, small business growth may be limited by serving local customers and hindered by local competitors. There is some myth to the popular belief that in order to conduct international business, business owners must have deep pockets. If done with adequate effort and strategy, engaging in international business can be incredibly rewarding, especially for small business owners.

Here are some tips to consider expanding into a larger, international level.

Understand product and service deliverability.

If you are a product manufacturer, creating and distributing products internationally or at a larger quantity can quickly eat your budget. However, investing in a foreign distributor can help offset your costs. Additionally, establishing foreign connections can create opportunities to expand your business into international territories.

Leverage website and social media for marketing.

Thanks to social media and the power of the Internet, international marketing has become much easier for businesses. The secret to building a successful website is focusing on user experience through easy navigation and clear, concise language. It would also be beneficial to understand social media platforms used by audiences in different countries and build your presence there.

Establish a target audience.

Here’s where strategic thinking is most critical. Understanding the audience for your product or service is critical to your business’s success. For example, your product or service may fall into a niche industry. To effectively market to that niche, you need to understand where your target audience is located, what types of products or services they seek, and through which medium they prefer to communicate.

While expanding business to a larger scale may be frightening, stressful, and overwhelming, most benefits of expanding outweigh the negative. To learn how to successfully expand your business, reach out to VensureHR. Our team of business development specialists can provide you the support you need to continue your business’s success, including engaging in mergers and acquisitions. We can assist with managing employee and client relations, integrating industry-leading technology to streamline business efficiencies, and the resources, tools, and expertise to support your efforts.

Source: Business Matters Magazine



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