Futuristic Small Business Solutions

3D printing, nanotechnology, and designer DNA are exciting new industries that deal in taking printing, design, and creativity to a whole new level. Small businesses continue to thrive in these industries and will likely lead the charge in innovation. How can such quickly evolving industries benefit from the influence of the small businesses? How can small businesses remain competitive among other established, larger corporations? Small businesses can capitalize on providing quality PEO services through unique structures that can help them continue to thrive in such an industrious market.

Freelance. Whether you outsource to gig workers or contract full-time freelancers, outsourcing to specialized workforce can aid in bridging the gap in both industry knowledge and the tools to remain competitive. Freelancers and gig work can support in managing workloads or one-time projects for such industries without breaking your budget. The gig economy is evolving where more freelancers are able to secure long-term gig work through establishing respectful professional relationships with the companies with whom they work.

Workforce Flexibility. Telecommuting, virtual offices, and flexible working hours are all transitioning to become part of the norm. These alternatives can provide the flexibility small businesses seek. Telecommuting helps to cut down vehicle emissions and the human component of stress dealing with driving to an office everyday. Communication, in addition to, project and performance management tools have provided ways to ensure smooth operations in virtual offices. Remote work and flexible schedules are also becoming seen as more commonplace due to business alignment with the recruitment of the younger generations entering the workforce, as well as provides many health-related benefits.

Another perk to having workday flexibility is the opportunity to maintain longer business hours, up to 24/7. Whether you have clients and/or team members in different locations, a 24/7 business can be beneficial for both customers and employees. For customers, it can help branch out your business from coast to coast, or even internationally. With clients in different time zones, allowing workday flexibility for employees can offer the support you need during those times. From an employee standpoint, not all employees enjoy the standard nine-to-five work life. Those who are more productive at night, might prefer an overnight position, an integral cog in the 24/7 workforce opportunity.

Flat Organizational Structure. Removing or limiting management can aid in providing a more open, honest, and collaborative work environment. For example, placing responsibility on employees can make them more accountable for their work product. Flat organization can also encourage time management, communication, and decision-making processes for employees. The flat organizational structure can also eliminate unnecessary roles reducing the company’s budget costs.

HR planning can be difficult to refine as the industries HR serve is constantly evolving. VensureHR, your partner in PEO services, provides an abundance of resources for ensuring the quality of your services and products do not diminish. From time and attendance system to performance management, we pride ourselves in customizable HR solutions and staff of experts to guide you to better business structures. Contact VensureHR today to begin your HR strategy!