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13 Jun

New Technology-Based Trends in Employee Benefits

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Companies are always looking for ways to lower costs while improving employee happiness and health at the same time. This becomes increasingly difficult as new technologies are introduced and the number of millennials in the workforce continues to increase. Both of these elements have a direct impact on the ways employers aim to communicate with and educate employees when it comes to employer-sponsored benefits. The influx of millennials will push employers to stay competitive in role-specific technologies, which may only be available at premium prices.


On-the-Go Connections

Employees are looking for more direct and rapid communication when it comes to their benefits. For example, younger employees, those that fall into the millennial bucket, primarily prefer a text message or email notifications for benefit changes or enrollment information. Some health care providers now offer the option of receiving a text or email updates or appointment reminders.


Flexible Hours or Work from Home Option

More people consider a flexible work schedule or work from home option more valuable than other employer-sponsored benefits, healthcare aside. Technology has allowed this benefit to become a reality for businesses of any size, simply by implementing a cloud-based server structure or VPN. Employees, also, are more productive in addition to hosting and attending effective meetings while being an active, focused participant,



People are more likely to book appointments online than calling a phone number, simply out of convenience. Telehealth allows employees to access healthcare services easily, including receiving care from medical specialists, digital communication with doctors and nurses, or having prescriptions refilled. Telehealth also alleviates stress for employees who typically need to take time off work to attend doctor visits. Employees who are able to access medical care remotely are more productive at work as the speed at which they are able to receive medical attention is increased through telehealth.


Learning and Development

“Technology is driving a new mandate for training.” As artificial intelligence (AI) and other revolutionary technologies continue to seep into our professional lives, employers will work to train their existing workforce to help them better adapt to new technologies that will only make our jobs easier. Job-focused or role-based online training sessions will prepare employees for the new applications and tools they will be required to use.



From Apple Watches to the Fitbit, wearable health and wellness technology has infiltrated the lives of your employees. Wellness programs are offered in addition to many general health plans. For most, as a policyholder, you simply need to complete an online profile. The system is often loaded with healthy behavior recommendations, weekly tips and tricks, and healthy recipes.



As the job market continues to stay competitive, the benefits your organization offers may make or break a prospective offer for a quality new hire candidate. Technology-based benefits, in addition to supplementary benefits, are on the rise. Before your organization starts taking a hard look at your benefit offerings, consider recent feedback regarding what is or is not working, on trend, or considered competitive in the market. Let Vensure customize an appropriate benefits package for your employees, your industry, and your business. You want to stay competitive and we can show you how.




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