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After an Injury: The First 24-Hours

A series of events are set in motion the moment an injury occurs. The repercussions of the injury can last for weeks or months. This is what makes the first 24-hours after an injury the most crucial. Much of the success around properly handled workplace injuries comes from having a well-designed and tested 24-hour response plan in place.

Training and Communication
Train employees in advance, so they are not confused about their responsibilities. Advance training for supervisors will allow them to take an active role in managing the situation and response. Training should take place annually to reassure employee confidence.

Prompt Medical Treatment
Injuries need to be assessed by a licensed medical professional as quickly as possible. It is incredibly important to determine the type and severity of the injury and to take appropriate medical action.

Judicious Reporting
After the employee has received medical attention, the next step is to report the injury to appropriate parties. Timely reporting is one of the most critical outcomes of adequate training and results in a rapid return to work.

Returning to Work
Whenever possible, employers should facilitate a return to work program. These programs result in better health outcomes and preserve many essential benefits for the employee that is contingent on attendance. Let the injured employee know that you care about their well-being. Give the injured employee forms to take to their doctor allowing the medical provider to authorize their return to work along with noting any temporary restrictions. Finally, follow-up with the employee to formulate a plan to return them to work.

Vensure’s goal is to assist the injured employee in making a full and timely recovery so they can get back to work through careful monitoring and processing of their claim. Learn more about our underwriting and claims services!


Use Technology to Improve Workplace Safety

U.S. companies shell out close to $60 billion each year to cover workplace injuries where employees miss six or more days of work. It is no wonder that tech companies are opting to help find ways to improve workplace safety. Technology focused on improving safety conditions for employees and their health is getting better each year. But when people think about technology in the workplace they typically think about improving workers’ productivity. Employers are starting to embrace new technology, such as virtual reality, wearables, and drones.

Virtual Reality (VR)
This technology replicates physical environments while simultaneously presenting training opportunities for employees. VR also allows workers to simulate hazardous tasks and identify safety needs. As the technology matures in this area, additional benefits will be uncovered.

Used for more than just personal fitness, wearables, or wearable devices, offer real-time monitoring of workers’ vital signs and can send alert the operator if any environmental dangers present. An added bonus to employers is that wearables can provide an idea of what may have caused an employee’s injury before filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Sending drones into high-hazard areas in place of humans allows workers to safely assess the damage and plan the emergency response. Additionally, drones can be used for commercial building or rooftop inspections.

These technologies have provided companies a way to overhaul the way they not only interact with each other and their workers but also how they keep themselves and their employees safe.

Connect with Vensure Employer Services to learn more about our comprehensive workers’ compensation outsourcing program.

Elements of a Successful 360-Review Process

Organizations who run successful 360-reviews find value in the balanced look at the employee and manager’s performance and contribution to the team and larger company. All employees (and managers) should work together to identify strengths and areas that require improvement, across the board. Vensure Employer Services is a PEO that supports employee engagement and growth on all levels.

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