Boost Employee Morale with Gratitude: Recognition Awards

Employees tend to do their best when they know their hard work is appreciated. While it’s important for managers to take the time to meet with employees and discuss their contributions on an individual level, it can also be very beneficial to provide workers with recognition awards. By showing gratitude by rewarding hard work and individual success, employers go a long way towards motivating other employees to do their best.
Following are a few ideas to make the recognition meaningful and lasting:

  • Provide a tangible reward with a long shelf life (a plaque with the employee’s name engraved on it, or a framed certificate).
  • Present the award at a “public” event (at a staff meeting or company get-together) and say specifically what the employee did to earn the award.
  • Encourage the employee to display the award in their work space, so they can be reminded of their accomplishment and other employees will be motivated to exceed expectations and earn a reward of their own.

Even those employees who feel their hard work is its own reward will appreciate the occasional pat on the back. When employees know that management pays attention to individual actions, they are likely to perform better and become more engaged, resulting in improved productivity and morale throughout the organization!

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