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Lessons Your Business Can Learn from Disney

With a slogan like “The Happiest Place on Earth,” it is no secret that Disney had to work hard to achieve that type of an atmosphere. From the time you walk into a Disney park, until the time that you leave, you are treated with a high level of respect. As a consumer, you can consistently expect excellence from each Disney cast member you encounter. Here are three lessons your business can take away from Disney.

1. The importance of having a system in place.

While enjoying a trip to Disneyland, it is unlikely that you are thinking about all of the systemic processes in place to make a day at the park run smoothly. The physical systems at each park have been perfected and can be credited for ensuring Disneyland will be just as magical tomorrow as it is today. If you are struggling to make your business great, one of the first areas you can look at is what organizational systems you have in place. When you implement a new system, be sure to beta-test it first. Once it gives you the results you like, stick with it.

2. Creating an environment that has mass appeal.

When you arrive at a Disney park, you might be surprised to see the broad range of age groups that are enjoying different attractions and shops. Disney has found a way to create a product that appeals to the elderly as much as it does to young children. Unless you have a specific niche market, your business could be missing out if you don’t consider accommodating any other demographics. Look for ways to make a product or service that is relevant to people at any life stage, nationality or gender.

3. Leaving your customers wanting more.

Visitors at Disneyland can expect the park to close in exactly the same way each night, with a detailed light show, music and state-of-the-art fireworks. This beautiful display keeps patrons in the park from sunup to sundown, and makes them want to do it again. At the end of a long day, it is usually hard to drag yourself to the parking lot and drive home, but when you are designing a new business model, you need to consider ways to go the extra mile to have your customers begging for more. It could be as simple as presenting your product in attractive packaging or as comprehensive as offering a personalized shopping experience every time your customers come in.

By incorporating the lessons above, Disney has proven itself to be a powerful business with a tremendous amount of staying power. Aiming for excellence in all you do can be a great recipe for business success, no matter what line of business you are in.

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