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Organizational Recruitment Strategies

As the trend in Human Resource Management moves away from traditional methods, it is important that organizations develop recruitment strategies to attract the most qualified candidates to fill open positions. A talent pool of qualified candidates to choose from allows the organization to meet their hiring needs in the future as well. A reputation for fair hiring practices, good salaries, adequate benefits, and the potential for advancement with an organization will make it attractive to many candidates, but not all will be equally qualified. A good recruiting strategy weeds out the ineligible candidate in the early stages.

Developing a Recruitment Plan

As HR managers implement their strategic plan they must follow EEOC guidelines and other anti-discrimination laws. Federal law prohibits discrimination against a person’s nationality, age, gender, race, religion, or other traits. As the workforce becomes more diverse, it becomes vital for the managers and other employees of an organization to understand and meet the needs of the consumers they serve.

There are many ways to recruit for potential candidates. Traditional methods are quickly being replaced. Outside staffing resources are commonly used to pre-screen applicants. Modern technology and social networking has made finding qualified candidates less time-consuming.

Internal Recruitment

Traditionally, most recruiting was done from within the organization. Recruiting from within an organization can have benefits as well as disadvantages. Employees who know they have a fair chance for promotion and advancement are more likely to remain with a company. Internal recruiting is less expensive, since the plan doesn’t incur additional expense in building a new talent pool. There may not be a need to invest money in training new employees who aren’t familiar with the operation of the company.

External Recruitment

External recruitment can be a huge benefit to a company since it brings new people with new ideas. It gives the company a broader range of qualified candidates to choose from to meet the needs of the organization. By recruiting outside the organization, candidates can be chosen who fit the requirements of the position. The candidate may be selected because they already have the skills required for the position. The position may be filled more quickly than recruiting from within and training a current employee in the new job skills.


One of the biggest challenges in recruiting is finding the best possible candidate for a position. Evaluating a candidate can include assessment tests, background checks, and repeated interviews. Methods of attracting qualified recruits have changed over the years. Some markets may have a large number of qualified recruits and it may be difficult to select the best one. Another challenge faced by HR is the global economy in which diverse cultures come together. Recruiters must understand the various cultures and how they do business, and be able to adapt to the differences.

Ensuring Fair Recruitment

Organizations who want to ensure that their recruiting and hiring practices give all qualified candidates a fair chance will be sure to follow anti-discrimination laws.

Candidates must not be chosen or eliminated on the basis of their race, religion, sex, or other traits, but should be given an even chance to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills needed for the position.

Employees within the company, as well as external candidates, should be told the criteria used in the selection process. The criteria should be re-evaluated regularly to make sure that they do not discriminate against certain types of employees. Wages and salaries must be based on the scope of responsibility and how well the employee performs those duties, not on condition such as age, gender or race.

To select the best candidate for the job, the recruiter must consider each person’s education, experience, specific skills, and willingness to meet any travel requirements of the position. Within the organization, all employees should have equal opportunities for additional training that fits their skills and abilities, so they can reach their highest potential and help the organization to achieve its goals.

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