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5 Ways to Be a More Confident Employee

Confidence is a major factor that managers look for when identifying exceptional employees. While it is common to sometimes feel insecure about your job performance, this trait can be a major obstacle when it comes to realizing your full potential and achieving professional goals. Fortunately, there are several ways to give yourself a confidence boost regarding your job performance, and implementing these strategies can improve your success at work.

Keep Your Focus | When it comes to your time at work, it is important to do your best at staying focused and on task, regardless of the gossip, office politics, and rumor mill that might be going on around you. Good work over time coupled with a positive attitude will result in confidence that your coworkers and boss will begin to notice.

Identify Your Challenge Areas & Tackle Them | While focusing on your strengths is important in order to build workplace confidence, it is also important to identify your problem areas. If you have weaknesses in your job or certain tasks that you find challenging, it is important to develop a plan to eliminate or reduce them. While you should never obsess over your problem areas, it is important to make a diligent effort to overcome them.

Get Feedback | If you are questioning your ability to do your job well, ask your friends, coworkers, and supervisor for feedback on your performance. Find people who you respect and ask them to pick out your strengths and areas in which you could do more. Since some people see more potential and talent in us than we see in ourselves, this could be an eye-opening conversation and may help to boost your confidence.

Monitor Your Success | Track your accomplishments and cross them off once they’re finished. By having a physical reminder of everything that you have completed, you will be more aware of your achievements. You should also consider keeping a file to commemorate your successes, including thank you letters, kudos from your boss, or recognition from other areas within the company. Not only will this information be helpful for your next job search, but it will also provide you with a reality check the next time that your confidence at work wavers.

Try Something New | When it comes to improving your confidence at work, it is important to challenge yourself. Giving yourself a challenge can be a great way to test your confidence, especially when you are able to accomplish something that you never thought was possible. Even if you are afraid or unsure, take baby steps and immerse yourself within a new activity. However, it is important to avoid comparing your performance to others or judging your success too early during the process.

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