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Shoes for Crews FREE Socks Promo

Dear Valued Client,

As you would expect, Vensure’s safety team is always looking for ways to make the workplace safer. As such, we would like to share a special promotion from Shoes for Crews, our slip-resistant shoe program. Whether you are interested in rolling out a company-wide program or just have a handful of interested employees, we hope you take advantage of this cost saving opportunity. Click here to read more about how Shoes for Crews can help you prevent claims. Invest in the future and take advantage of Shoes for Crews Special Offer.

Happy Shopping,
Vensure Employer Services

How to Obtain Past Year(s) W-2 Forms from the IRS

NOTICE: We have mailed out W-2s, and you should be receiving them shortly.

Some business transactions require that you show past and present proofs of income. Your W-2s come in handy at this time because they show your wages earned and taxes paid while you were working for specific employers. The Internal Revenue Service recommends that taxpayers keep copies of past W2s for as long as possible. However, things happen and sometimes documents go missing. If you’re missing W-2s from previous years, try to get copies from the respective employers. If that doesn’t work, learn how to get old W-2s from the IRS.

Order Transcript | Online or Phone

Use the IRS Order a Transcript application to view and print your transcript(s) immediately. You may also call the IRS self-service line at 1-800-908-9946 to order your transcript(s). If you order by phone, follow the prompts and select 3, then 1 to quickly complete your order. Once you get your transcript order form, complete it, sign it and send it to the address listed in the instructions. This printout will not include W-2 or state and local information. In addition, you cannot use the online method if you want the transcript sent to an address that is different from what the IRS has on file for you. Give the agency 5-10 business days from the time they receive your signed request.

Order Transcript | Form 4506-T

Request a free transcript from the IRS by filling out Form 4506-T. This method is effective if you want the transcript sent to a different address than what the IRS has on file for you. Include your personal data on the form, such as name, address and Social Security number. On line 6, enter tax form number “1040.” Then, check line 8 to ask for the transcript. On line 9, put the W-2 year(s) that you need. You may request up to four years of prior W-2s on one form. If you need more data, fill out another 4506-T. Mail or fax the 4506-T to the address or fax number that corresponds with your resident state. This information is included on the form.

Request Copy of Actual Transcript | Form 4506

Fill out Form 4506 to request an exact copy of a previously filed and processed tax return from the IRS. This method gives you photocopies of your W-2 attachments for the tax year(s) in question. The W-2s also include state and local information if you were subject to those types of withholdings. You may request up to eight years of tax returns on one form. For more than 8 years, you must attach another Form 4506. At the time of publication, a fee of $50 applies to each tax return you request. Mail the form and your payment to the address listed on the form. Allow up to 75 calendar days to process your request.


The IRS provides W-2 transcript information for up to 10 years and copies of tax returns for up to seven years. W-2 data for the present year is not available until the following year after the document has been filed. For example, for tax year 2012, your employer files your 2012 W-2 with the Social Security Administration during the first quarter of 2013. Then, the information is sent to the IRS by the end of the second quarter of 2013. You may request the form from the IRS after they receive it from the Social Security Administration.

How to Obtain W-2s from VenSure

2013 W-2s have been mailed and are now available online. To obtain current and past W-2s online, go to HRP Web and click on Employee Inquires > W-2 Reprint > the year in question. As long as payroll was processed through VenSure, past W-2s will be available online.

State Minimum Wage Increases

Dear Valued Client,
Although federal minimum wage will stay the same, many states have announced increases. Effective January 1st, 2013 these states will be increasing the minimum wage:

  • Arizona to $7.80 per hour
  • Colorado to $7.78 per hour ($4.76 per hour for tipped employees)
  • Florida to $7.79 per hour ($4.77 per hour for tipped employees)
  • Missouri to $7.35 per hour
  • Montana to $7.80 per hour
  • Ohio to $7.85 per hour ($3.93 per hour for tipped employees)
  • Oregon to $8.95 per hour
  • Rhode Island to $7.75 per hour
  • Vermont to $8.60 per hour ($4.17 for tipped employees)
  • Washington to $9.19 per hour

Labor posters are automatically updated and mailed to you through our 3rd party vendor. Should you not receive your updated poster within 30 days of the effective date, please contact your Client Relations Manager for assistance.

Vensure Employer Services

2014 Tax Reminder – NO ACTION NECESSARY

Dear Valued Clients,

As many of you are aware with the New Year, there are many changes/updates to federal and state tax laws and forms. Vensure is working to get the updated forms and information to our clients as it becomes available; however, not all forms and information regarding changes to laws are made available until well after the beginning of the year with retroactive effective dates. We will be updating the News section of our website to keep you informed of the latest compliance information, as well as sending E-blasts and updating the Client Center with the latest forms. Until such time, please continue to use the existing forms in the Client Center.

The New Year is a good time to have employees review their taxes and make any necessary changes. Please be sure to update HRP Web with any new employee information.



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