Take 5

Time is strangeā€¦ Sometimes it’s like it’s not there; look away from a clock for five minutes and time disappears. At the end of the day, how do you feel about what you did or didn’t do? Figuring out how to use your time more efficiently will not only help you at work, but also at home, on vacation and all throughout your life. These steps below can help you get started making greater use of your time:

Find A System | Have a system of lists that are grouped by project or context to help keep tasks organized. Also, determine your method. Digital lists can be easier to manage, and there are many options available. There are even apps and desktop task management systems that “talk” to each other, so no matter where you are, your tasks are accessible and in sync… and a lot of them are either free or available for a minimal fee. If you are not into all of the technical tools, use a good old fashion pen and paper. Most importantly, use what you feel comfortable with.

Plan It Out | Use your goals to make action lists, with details such as phone numbers and dates. Trying to keep track of everything in your head creates unnecessary stress and anxiety. Take a few minutes at the beginning of every day to list your tasks. Next, prioritize each task. To help with this, ask yourself “What’s the value of getting this done?” and “What’s the risk if I don’t?” Once you see your goals concretely in front of you, it can make it easier to attain them. If you are trying to accomplish a large project, do not be intimidated by it. Simply identify each of the steps as separate tasks. Before you know it, that unattainable project becomes a completed project!

Delegate and Defer | If you feel there are things on your list that someone else can do for you, give it to them. It may take you some time to explain the goal and the process up front, but by doing so, you are creating a support system that will pay off when similar tasks arise in the future. You are also assisting with that employee’s growth! Initiating a next step can be what you need to take a project from a stand still to moving. While asking others for help might be scary, a project in motion is easier to redirect (not to mention accomplish) then one standing still! Employees, co-workers, or a child in need of some responsibility comes in handy here. Other tasks can be deferred to a calendar or added to an action list but assigned a due date at a later time.

Turn It Off | No matter how hard you try, you can count on one thing… distractions. It’s important to sharpen your focusing skills. Expect that sometimes employees, coworkers or managers may call you with a problem. Knowing beforehand that this can happen offers you a better chance of keeping your cool and not getting sidetracked. The beauty of a task management system is that even when you do get sidetracked, if used properly, you can pick right back up where you left off, which is at the top of your list.

There are circumstances you can control (turning your phone off) and some you cannot (a customer walking in). If you know your phone is going to interrupt you, turn it off, put it on DND or find a location away from the phone where you can devote some time to work, even if for a short time. Sometimes all you need is a moment to organize your thoughts and look at your list to put things in perspective and in order.

Realizing what you can control is empowering and a great lesson in self-discipline. Having a good system helps sail the ship. Accept the waves and storms as part of the ride!

Take A Break | Finally, taking breaks will increase your efficiency. Giving yourself a few moments to settle down will help you maintain your focus. Don’t leave your work mid-sentence; finish your thoughts, then step away. A break can be refocusing on something that takes no creative or real mental powers, going to refill your water bottle or stepping outside for some fresh air. When you return to your tasks, you will approach them with a fresh outlook.

In the end, recognize that you are human. It’s hard to manage your time when it feels like there’s so much to do, but it all comes down to making your time work for you. You are the master of your day and you have the capacity to own that time! Thinking about the same task twice (or two, three, four times… you get the picture), is time wasted. This is time that could have been spent accomplishing another task. It’s just a matter of documenting and then doing!


4th of July Holiday Hours

Happy 4th of July!

Dear Valued Clients,

In observance of Independence Day, Vensure will be closed on Thursday July 4th, and will re-open at 8:00am on Friday, July 5th. Please note we will be closing early on Friday at 3:00pm.

We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Your Team at Vensure

PPACA Compliance Plan Offering

Affordable Care Act Compliance Plan Offering

Vensure is happy to announce PPACA compliance services to client companies beginning July 15, 2013. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is upon us. Make informed decisions to minimize the impact on your organization’s bottom line. Vensure can help you determine the best approach to compliance. Using Equifax Workforce Solutions, Vensure will provide you with a comprehensive model and identify the best strategy for minimizing the financial impact of this sweeping legislation. *60% of employers haven’t decided if they should “pay” or “play” and less than 10% feel confident enough to talk about healthcare reform in great detail.

This is a big decision….are you prepared?

ACA Compliance Services:

  • Collect data from HRP and transmit to The Work Number.
  • Apply Equifax Workforce’s eThority Analytics platform to determine your status under the ACA.
  • Provide reports to demystify FTE counts and assess “what-if” scenarios.
  • Develop data driven strategy for compliance…. pay, play or adjust.
  • Provide ongoing reports and alerts to monitor and adjust strategy over time.
  • Market access to standard and alternative group medical benefit plan.
  • Compliance Reporting:
  • PCORI fee calculation and Form 720 information.
  • FLSA Section 18A Automatic Enrollment Notices.

Further details will follow in the coming weeks; however, should you have additional questions or want to put your name on the sign up list, please contact your Client Relations Manager.

FWLLI AutoComply Pennsylvania All-In-One Poster Change

Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute: Poster Change Notice

All-In-One Poster:

Specific individual state poster that has changed:
Unemployment Compensation

Effective date of the poster change:
April 2013 (State did not release revisions until late May)

What is the change?
Pennsylvania has revised their Unemployment Insurance notice. In addition to numerous formatting changes, they have added the employer’s account number as a required field. They have also added clarification that employees must report gross wages that have been earned in any week the employee is claiming benefits for and that computer cross-matching is used to detect illegal payment receipts.

This is a substantive change. We will be shipping you a new Pennsylvania All-In-One poster.

Please note:
Labor posters are automatically updated and mailed to you through our 3rd party vendor. Should you not receive your updated poster within 30 days of the effective date, please contact your Client Relations Manager for assistance at 480-993-2650.

Vensure Employer Services