Vensure Employer Services and Vensurance are the result and pride of a team of executives and over three decades of experience in delivering products and services such as: Insurance, Human Resources, Administrative Services, Workers' Compensation, Legal Consultation and Financial Services. These resources are available to Vensure clients and are designed to provide a business opportunity to streamline internal processes and increase work-site employee satisfaction and retention.

Vensure was launched in 2004 by a team of industry experts with a seasoned history of working together. The team envisioned a unique business model that worked to expanded the industry's traditional product offerings and created a new foundation for an employer services organization.

Since then, Vensure has revolutionized the industry by building one-of-a-kind partnerships with in-house products such as: Insurance, Payroll, Financial, Investment and Information Technology providers. This all-in-one service model was designed to synergistically meet the needs of our clients, eliminated the costly middle-man expense and created an unparalleled marriage of customized products and services.

The Vensure leadership team provides a solid array of individuals with a diverse background of industry experience, ranging from HR management, legal consultation and Information Technology. This team collaborates to provide the Vensure client base with a unique product toolkit. We are experts in our fields of Insurance, Risk Management, Benefits, HR and administrative service solutions and are collectively driven by our quest to remain on the cutting edge of technology and ahead of our competition.